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Donations to RMGA are vital to achieving our mission of conserving mountain goat populations across North American habitats. Your donations provide grants for research projects, production of educational materials, and support operations. With your support, RMGA can continue to work towards our work championing mountain goat conservation  efforts .

Donations to RMGA go towards conserving the environment and protecting the habitats of mountain goats. We can only continue to do this with your help. Donations can be made as a one-time-only, monthly, or annual contributions. All contributions are accompanied by a receipt as RMGA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization so your donation is tax-deductible.

Your donations will help us build a better future for mountain goats. Thank you for your generous support!

All donations are calculated in US dollars.

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Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund was established to raise money earmarked specifically for a variety of conservation and research projects. This includes costs associated with annual volunteer work, field projects, and research. This fund is also used to fund grant applications for research and field work.


Education Fund

The Education Fund was established to raise money earmarked specifically for public education projects. This includes the authoring and producing of educational materials covering goat biology, ecology, and gender identification. These educational pieces are vital to the future well-being of mountain goat populations and the species as a whole. The Education Fund is also used to sponsor post-secondary students to attend conferences pertaining to mountain goats.

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More Ways to Give

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Wills, Bequests and Living Trusts

If you are looking to include Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance in your will, you are able to do so by assigning your gift in your will to:

Legal Name: Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance, Inc.

This type of donation in your will or living trust helps to ensure that RMGA is able to increase and enhance the management, range, and populations of mountain goats.


Beneficiary Gifts Through Retirement Accounts

All beneficiary gifts pass directly to Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance without going through the probate process.

  • Contact your plan administrator or financial institution for a change of beneficiary form. Or visit the beneficiary page on their website where you can complete the form in just a few minutes.

  • On the beneficiary form, decide what percentage (up to 100%) you would like RMGA to receive.


Bank Accounts, Investment Accounts, Certificate of Deposits

You can leave a legacy by naming Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance, Inc. as a Payable-on-Death (POD) or Transfer-on-Death (TOD) beneficiary for any percentage up to 100%. Contact your financial institution for a change of beneficiary form.

The beneficiary you name has no rights to the funds until after your lifetime. You are free to use the money in the account, change the beneficiary, or close the account as you wish.


Gift of Life Insurance

You can name Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy by submitting an updated beneficiary designation form with the policy holder. You can designate RMGA as a primary beneficiary for any percentage up to 100%.

You can also make RMGA a contingent beneficiary, which means that we will receive the balance of your policy only if your primary beneficiary does not survive you.

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