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Citizen Science Program

Citizen science is a growing field of research and practice, generating new knowledge and understanding through the collaboration of citizens in scientific research. As the field expands, it is becoming increasingly important to consider its potential to foster education and learning opportunities.

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Citizen Science Goat Counts

Every year RMGA works with regional wildlife managers and biologists to conduct mountain goat counts. These counts are what is called citizen science -- where scientific data collection is conducted, in whole or in part, by non-professionals. In the case of the RMGA work, this data collection is lead by wildlife managers that work for states, provinces or First Nations. This is an opportunity for volunteers to learn about local mountain goat populations and habitat by participating in the collection of scientific data for real studies.

Limited spots are available for participants on each count and participation is prioritized to RMGA members. If you sign-up, it is expected that you will commit to the event or give ample notice if you are unable to attend. In order to participate, volunteers must have all your own hiking gear and be able to spend 1-3 days hiking moderate to difficult terrain with expected inclines. The first date for each count is an training session with the biologist and participation is mandatory.


All volunteers must sign waivers to participate.

Scheduling a Count

If you are a wildlife manager and would like more information on citizen science goat counts or to schedule a goat count in your area, please contact us today.


Collaboration on counts is provided at no cost to wildlife management agencies.

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More Information on Goat Counts

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