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RMGA's Team

The activities of the RMGA are guided by the board of directors.

The RMGA board is comprised of volunteers spread across Canada and the United States who are passionate about mountain goats.

Though their interests in goats may vary, the work of the board is without doubt, all about the goats.

Regional Representatives

RMGA engages regional representatives who volunteer to connect with local parties interested in mountain goat management and conservation. They bring forward regional issues to the science and conservation committee for review and consideration before engaging the board of directors.


If you are interested in volunteering as a regional representative, please contact us.

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Administrative Director

Carla Rhyant, MA

Operations Coordinator

Stacy Berry, BSc

Fundraising Coordinator

Kendrick Chittock

Science & Conservation Committee

The Science and Conservation Committee is comprised of a variety of subject matter experts that specialize in mountain goat management and research. They all volunteer their time to contribute to the mission of the RMGA.

Rich Harris


Committee Member

Julie Cunningham


Committee member

Darryn Epp


Board Representative

Daria Martchenko


Committee member

Bill Jex

British Columbia

Committee member

Kevin White



Hollie Miyasaki


Committee member

Kevin Hurley


Committee member

Steve Gordon

British Columbia


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