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RMGA exists to conserve populations and habitats of mountain goats. We host webinars and other events to educate people about the important work we're doing in conservation, research we are funding, as well as to raise awareness about the plight of mountain goats, and what can be done to help.

Alta Toquima Wilderness Count

Join the Nevada Department of Wildlife in a backpacking sheep county, July 12-15!

Black Hills Goat Count (registration closed)

Join us on June 28 and 29 to count goats in Black Hills, South Dakota!

Glacier National Park Goat Count (Registration Closed)

We return to Glacier National Park to count goats!

Goat Count in Mt. Baker, WA

Join us on a count around Mt. Baker in Washington!

Henry's Mountains Goat Count

Join us July 19-21, 2024 in the Henry's Mountains in Montana to count goats!

Humboldt Mountain Range Count (Registration Closed)

Join us in the Humboldt Mountain Range, Nevada, to count some goats during the week of June 24!

North Cascades Goat Count

Join us on July 19-21 in the North Cascades, Washington to count goats!

Research in Caw Ridge, AB - Crowdfunding Opportunity

Thank you for your support of the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance's Conservation Fund!

White Chuck, WA Goat Count

Join in a count on July 27 in the White Chuck mountains, WA!

Wild Sheep Society BC - Ruck for Shulaps

Join the Wild Sheep Society BC for an extraordinary adventure in the heart of the Shulaps!

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