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Volunteer Project - MT HD-361 - July 18/19

March 22, 2020

In July 2020, we needed volunteers to survey the Henry Mountain Range, MT.

By: Peter Muennich

We're excited to once again be headed into Montana HD-361 this summer. In 2013, RMGA hosted its first volunteer project ever in the very spot on the ID/MT boarder. At the time, there was only rumors of resident goats. After an extremely successful count, regional biologist, Julie Cunningham, opened the district with two special lottery permits a year.

Every few years we return to this district to conduct a thorough census to confirm that the herd is not sustaining with the relatively new hunting pressure. If the goats prove to be in healthier numbers than expected, hunting opportunities could and would likely increase in coming years. On the other hand, if the goat numbers are declining, proactive measurements will be taken to ensure hunting pressure is not detrimental to a healthy herd size.

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