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Update from Baranof Island

November 12, 2018

In 2018, Kevin White followed up with some beautiful photos from their mountain goat survey around Baranof Island.

By: Kevin White

"I wanted to follow up and send along a few pictures from our recent mountain goat survey on Baranof Island. We’ve been in an almost unprecedented stretch of nice weather (for the September mountain goat survey season anyway) and I’ve been super busy getting survey work done. As they say, you got to strike when the irons hot – as around here we can easily get 3-weeks of solid rain at any moment.

This sequence of pics was interesting as it involved an observation of one of our collared females (with its kid + another nanny/kid pair + 2 other adults) in one of the more spectacular places we work (or on the planet, some might argue) called Bear Lake, on Baranof Island." 

-RMGA Conservation Committee Member and Alaskan Biologist, Kevin White

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