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Mountain Goats and Climate Change Position Statement

March 4, 2024

The Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance (RMGA) stands in support of the recent position statement titled Impacts of Climate Change on Mountain Goats and their habitats: Considerations for Conservation, Management, and Mitigation (2022) released by the Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council (NWSGC) concerning the effects of climate change on mountain goats and their habitats ( As an organization dedicated to the conservation,study, and management of mountain goats, RMGA recognizes the urgency of addressing the challenges posed by climate change to these majestic creatures and their environments.

The RMGA echoes the concerns raised by the NWSGC and calls upon

all interested parties, including governmental agencies, Indigenous

organizations, conservation stakeholders, hunters, recreationalists,

and other consumptive and nonconsumptive users, researchers, and

the general public to come together in a united way and provide resources in

support of efforts to address the challenges posed by climate change. It

is imperative that we invest in research to understand the direct and indirect

impacts of climate change on mountain goats and their habitats.

Read the full position paper here.

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