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Montana – Bridgers 2017 Volunteer Project Recap

August 13, 2017

Our inaugural ground count in the Bridgers Mountains, Montana in 2017, was a huge success!

By: Peter Muennich

Our inaugural project in the Bridger mountains was a big success! With over 15 volunteers, we divided into search teams and successfully documented the highest count ever recorded in the Bridger mountains with at least 79 goats with possibly as many as 83. The previous high was an October fixed-wing flight in 2002 at 74 goats. All participating volunteers should be proud! These findings were greats news after multiple years of arial counts around 40 animals. We would like to send a big thank you to regional biologist, Julie Cunningham, for helping to make this project happen. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who donated their time!

View volunteer photos here. 

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