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Help Wanted - RMGA Regional Representatives

July 2, 2020

In 2020, the RMGA opened up opportunities for Regional Representatives - local, on-the-ground volunteers to facilitate and connect with regional biologists to organize events and increase communication. Interested? Contact us for more information.

By: Peter Muennich

Locals Wanted! RMGA is taking steps to empower locals to get more involved with mountain goat conservation in their own back yards! We're currently seeking RMGA Regional Representatives to help us streamline and improve our communications and conservation contributions to each state and  province managing mountain goats. Below are the regions we are opening up to this program.

  1. Montana

  2. Idaho

  3. Utah

  4. Colorado

  5. Washington

  6. Oregon

  7. Nevada

  8. South Dakota

  9. Coastal BC

  10. Interior BC

  11. Alberta

  12. Central Alaska

  13. SE Alaska

  14. NWT

We're looking for motivated individuals with strong communication and organizational skills who poses a deep passion for mountain goat conservation. Responsibilities will focus on, but not limited to, developing and managing relations and projects between RMGA and managing agencies. We're looking for people with strong work ethics and an eagerness to make a positive difference in their local goat herds.

RMGA Regional Representatives are our eyes and ears. We expect our Regional Representatives to be in the know of all things regarding mountain goat management and conservation in their area. 

Many of these regions currently have regional representatives (the current roster can be found here), however, if this sounds like you or someone you know, please connect with us as we are always looking to grow! We ask that you complete the questions below and submit your answers with your expressed interest to

  1. What region do you wish to represent? What is your understanding of this regions goat history and current standings?

  2. Do you already have a relationship or line of communication open with your local goat managers?

  3. What conservational organizations have you worked with previously? What specifically have you done?

  4. What is your scheduling availability and extend of commitment to the volunteer position of RMGA Regional Representatives?

  5. What experience do you have in project management and/or fundraising?

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