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Frank Church Wilderness Goat Survey ID-HD-27-5

May 11, 2020

Ground counts for mountain goats utilizing citizen science are a hallmark of RMGA conservation efforts. In 2020, we solicited volunteers for surveying Idaho's goat district 27-5.

Over August 14-16, 2020 we will surveying part of Idaho's goat district 27-5 in an effort to preserve some of the district's hunting opportunity. Spring aerial surveys have produced low counts in the Middle Fork PMU but there is suspicion the goats from 27-5 may spend the spring in neighboring districts and later move into 27-5 during the fall hunting season. In order to maintain hunting opportunity, the population will have to be confirmed via ground surveys.

We need your help! This is a demanding backcountry survey where quality gear and experience are both required. We will be backpacking primarily around Big Baldy Ridge and hopefully Red Ridge if we have enough volunteers. Help us preserve Idaho hunting opportunities and go with us this August.

Ground count and other project locations and details change annually. If you are interested in projects like these, reach out to We will share more details on our website and social media platforms as we get closer to the project dates.

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