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2019 Idaho Goat Count - GMU 22/18

March 18, 2019

In August 2019, the RMGA solicited volunteers for a ground count in Idaho GMU 22/18.

By: Lyle Hebel 

This August 9-11 we will be headed into Idaho's GMU 22/18 to try to figure out where the goats that winter at Hell's Canyon Reservoir spend their summer. There is a possibility that the hunt boundary needs to be adjusted or tags redistributed depending upon what this survey discovers. Join us for a great backcountry survey in Idaho!

"What I don’t have a good feel for is where exactly those go in the summer. Do they stay in 22 or do some of them go into 18? What proportion are available for harvest in GMU 22?" - Nathan Borg, Regional Biologist

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