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2018 Frank Church Mountain Goat Survey

June 30, 2018

In 2018, the RMGA solicited volunteers for a ground county in the Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho.

By: Lyle Hebel 

Join us on July 20th-22nd to survey a gnarly piece of Idaho's Franck Church Wilderness. We will be looking for mountain goats in hunt area 27-5, southeast of Yellowpine, ID.

Volunteers will meet at 8am on Friday June 20th at the Buck Mountain Campground (map below). Regional mountain goat biologist, Nathan Borg, will brief volunteers on project goals and search areas. We will divide into teams and spend the weekend searching for mountain goats.

This area could possibly hold more goats than previously thought opening the possibility for future hunting opportunities. Join us to help make this a reality!

This is a backcountry survey requiring capable backpackers. 

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