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2019 Black Hills Goat Count

March 18, 2019

In 2019, the RMGA solicited volunteers for a ground count in the Black Hills, South Dakota.

By: Peter Muennich

The robust goat population of South Dakota is currently estimated over 100 animals and currently offers two special-draw hunting permits annually. For years now, the RMGA has surveyed this population and assisted in the return of the hunting opportunities in 2015.

April 26-28 marks our sixth annual mountain goat survey in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Complimentary campsites will again be available for all RMGA volunteers at the State Game Lodge campground in Custer State Park of route 16A.

We will have a volunteer meeting each morning at 8am as well as a BBQ each evening at the campground. Volunteers will split up into search teams and survey for mountain goats all day.

Volunteers of all age and experience are welcome to join on this family-friendly survey.

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