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2014 NWSGC Biannual Symposium

August 13, 2017

In 2014, the RMGA attended the NWSGC Symposium in Ft. Collins, Colorado. It was an exciting opportunity to network!

By: Peter Muennich

Early June found the RMGA in attendance at the Northern Wild Sheep & Goat Council biannual symposium in Ft. Collins, Colorado. The assembly of the continent’s leading researchers, biologist, wildlife managers, and non-profits was an exciting place for the RMGA to discuss natural sciences and potential future mountain goat projects alike.

As expected, most people had never heard of the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance. We relished at the opportunity to introduce the Alliance and brainstorm how our growing organization could be most beneficial to regional management across the west. Our days were filled with diverse presentations covering everything from pneumonia in sheep, to the importance of natural mineral licks in goat habitats, to even the traditional weaving of mountain goat wool by an the first peoples of Alaska.

The second day of the symposium was a field trip. We spent most that day in Poudre Canyon, a place that is home to two different big horn sheep populations. These herds, like so many others, have battled with pneumonia for years. Colorado managers gave a great presentation on the sheep’s history and what they have learned from them. We ended that day at the Colorado Foothills Wildlife Research Facility where we got up-close and personal with some sheep, elk, lions, deer and antelope.

We were flattered at the opportunity to converse and socialize with the upper tear of North American wildlife management. The themes of most all our conversations were parallel, mountain goats need a group dedicated to their conservation. The Goat Alliance was proud to announce they now have one. We are excited to announce our next two projects in the Madison Range of Montana and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness of Washington. Stay tuned for more details!

A huge thanks to Colorado Parks & Wildlife for hosting them symposium as well as the NWSGC for inviting the RMGA to attend. We look forward to pursuing more projects with some of our new acquaintances and seeing everyone again in 2016.

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