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Humboldt Mountain Range Count (Registration Closed)

Join us in the Humboldt Mountain Range, Nevada, to count some goats during the week of June 24!

Humboldt Mountain Range Count (Registration Closed)

Volunteers need to be able to attend this backcountry count in it's entirety. This count has limited room, so priority participation will be given to RMGA members over public members; first come first served, with a waitlist created in case of short notice cancellations. Volunteers will be operating in groups of 3-4.

There some areas that will be surveyed where goats are known to be present, and some areas will be targeted using GPS collars. Trail details will be provided closer to count days.

Context: the current population of mountain goats in the Humboldt range is a transplant from the North Cascades. Things were going fine until this population fell prey to a pneumonia event, proving that mountain goats are, indeed, susceptible to the infamous M. Ovi disease found in bighorn sheep. Between 2012 to 2020, only a few kids have survived, and now the current herd is aging out. Information garnered from this count will be used by the local biologists to firm their plans to introduce more mountain goat individuals to augment herd numbers. 

All images on this page © Darryn Epp Photography

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