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Alta Toquima Wilderness Count

Join the Nevada Department of Wildlife in a backpacking sheep county, July 12-15!

Alta Toquima Wilderness Count

NDOW is trying to organize several bighorn and mountain goat ground surveys this summer to assess lamb and kid recruitment associated with recent or past pneumonia disease events.  One that is pretty important to us is to assess the aftermath of a serious dieoff the Mt Jefferson herd experienced last fall and winter in the Toquima Range in central Nevada.  The majority of the bighorn’s summer range is on top of the Toquima Range in the Alta Toquima wilderness on the plateau and drainages leading off of it at 10,000 to 11,000 ft.  

Ideally, they would like 3-4 groups take sections of the mountains over three days (July 12-15) to find and observe nursery groups of ewes and lambs.

If you are interested in participating in this count, email to be put in contact with the regional biologists; they will provide more details on what the survey and backpacking would entail.

This is not a formal RMGA organized ground count, however our membership and following may be interested in helping in this area. Information gathered in this survey will benefit both bighorn sheep and mountain goat research!

All images on this page © Darryn Epp Photography

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